Our Evolution

Through the foresight of the Miss America Organization which instituted the personal platform as part of the competition in 1990, each local and state Titleholder selected an issue of importance to her and society.  Today this is known as their Social Impact Initiative.  Miss San Antonio candidates have concentrated on significant issues facing America today including strengthening families, promoting health and healing, the effect of domestic violence on society, and ways to motivate children to obtain their education.  Supporting these social impact initiatives, the Miss San Antonio Scholarship Organization works closely with community-oriented programs throughout the city and county.

People frequently say the most meaningful thing about the Miss San Antonio Scholarship Organization is the people they meet and the differences they make.  The Organization is a remarkable community of people dedicated to the idea that talent, commitment, and hard work can make you and your community better.  Take a look at the Miss San Antonio Scholarship Organization.  The changes we are making are in step with society today and focus on providing young women, throughout the city and surrounding San Antonio counties, with an opportunity to achieve their goals by:


  • Offering unique opportunities for young Texas women to win scholarship awards
  • Creating and maintaining a system of competition that will enhance career opportunities and produce role models representing positive, wholesome American values
  • Recognizing women and encouraging the spirit of those who have made outstanding contributions