Billie Elwood Miss San Antonio 1933

Florida Edwards Miss San Antonio 1930
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There is no evidence that Billie Elwood held the Miss San Antonio 1933 title, however, she was photographed as “Miss Texas” in 1933 and since she was listed as being from San Antonio it is assumed that she was Miss San Antonio in 1933.

The photograph shows Billie Elwood as “Miss Texas” alongside “Miss Oklahoma”, “Miss Kansas” and “Miss Missouri” christening a train car at the St. Louis Union Station while en route to Atlantic City to participate in the Miss America Pageant in 1933.

Billie Elwood, did not participate in the 1933 Miss America Pageant.  An official panoramic photograph of the Miss America contestants shows “Miss Kansas” and “Miss Missouri” but not “Miss Oklahoma” or “Miss Texas.”  A 1936 exposé states that Billie Elwood learned that the “Miss Texas” title bestowed on her by a questionable pageant promotional director was irregular and, on her own accord, returned home without participating in the Miss America Pageant.

It’s highly unlikely that the promotional director randomly chose Billie as “Miss Texas.”  No records have been found of a local competition being held to select Miss San Antonio America 1933 so we are assuming she was chosen Miss Texas because she previously held the Miss San Antonio title in 1932 in another pageant system.

There are no other names associated with San Antonio or Texas involving Miss America in 1933.  Billie Elwood was celebrated as a former titleholder during a Miss San Antonio pageant in the 1990’s and she is officially considered Miss San Antonio America 1933.